Wednesday, March 30, 2016

miss velvet cream with Kathryn Blair for MakeFashion 2016

miss velvet cream invites you.....

This Saturday night, April 2, in Calgary find new #missvelvetcream in collaboration with Kathryn Blair for project to:gether, presenting 2 separate total neocouture looks that respond to the brainwaves of the wearers using instant EEG readings from the Muse Headset system and showing the similarity and contrast in thought patterns by shape, silhouette, movement and light.

miss velvet cream met Kathryn Blair and the MakeFashion team at Makerfaire 2015 and began out collaboration in October 2015. Kath traveled to the MVC studio in California from Calgary twice in preparation for the show and then took all the pieces completed back to Canada in early March to complete all the coding and electronics before the premier April 2. 

This has been a spectacular project placing technology and electronics into full neocouture gowns and looks, and explore the ideas of clothing communicating literally the thoughts and feelings of the wearer without words. 

Meet Kathryn Blair:

Artist and Designer: Scatha G. Allison
Artist and Engineer: Kathryn M. Blair
Electronics Support: Ryan Blair

To:gether is sponsored by Victoria Park BRZ and MakeFashion. 

To:gether is an exploration of brain-computer interfaces, and the way that technology can transform how we communicate. 

The two different looks show the interplay between the brainwaves of the individuals wearing the garments. The similarities and differences in their thinking are embodied in movement, silhouette, and light. 

Premiering at the MakeFashion Gala 2016 Wearable Tech and Art show at Telus Spark April 2, 2016. Show starts at 7:30pm with runway presentations and designer meet and greet post show. 





See you there!!!

MVC will share the total looks not just the muslins, after the premier! 

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