Thursday, July 04, 2013

miss velvet cream at MakerFaire 2013

MakerFaire Bay Area 2013 was May 18th and 19th this year. As always, it's a BLAST!

MISS VELVET CREAM : Paper Patterns 
miss velvet cream presented a mini-collection of pieces made entirely from papers, including my little nephew's paintings, drawings from 1999-2001, art from Burning Man, blueprints, butcher paper, tissue papers, torn and discarded book pages, brown packing paper and black tyvek, ornamented and embellished with art, trims, tassels, ribbons, details and hand stitching. The pieces were primarily sewn as well as taped, glued and stapled. 
Rather than trying to mimic fabric, the whole collection was obviously made from papers, and the firmness of the textures and the stiffness of the shapes emphasized the patterns, designs and silhouettes. 

Saturday MVC made 2 paper dresses LIVE at MF for the girl models to wear in the Trashion Show in the afternoon. The girls decorated the dresses themselves after the designs were cut, and then the pieces were assembled and the girls were taped into their dresses. They gleefully tore them off and destroyed them in the show finale. 
Sunday MVC worked on a corset piece made entirely from Frieda Kahlo art postcards.


Many thanks to my most fabulous models who made it past 1000s of fantastic and distracting exhibits, and 100,000 people! to make it to the Trashion Show on time! I couldn't do it without YOU! 

Looking forward to NEXT YEAR!!!!