Thursday, February 25, 2010

miss velvet cream at LOVESICK III

Valentine's Evening, 2010, in San Francisco

miss velvet cream, lovesick for you.....
[Photo by Anton Stroganov]

Thank you for your brave, shining beauty.......
[Photo by Anton Stroganov]

[Photo by Anton Stroganov]

[Photo by Anton Stroganov]

Full of fire, full of grace.....
[Photo by miss velvet cream]

Sensual and sublime, silent and steady.......
[Photo by miss velvet cream]

Warriors take many forms......
[Photo by Del Geronimo]

Dreamer, romantic, visionary......
[Photo by Del Geronimo]

All this I give to you, all this is love from my heart, pouring over you......
[Photo by Del Geronimo]

Thank you, brave ones, who keep pace with me in the moonlight, who run beside me in the darkness, who do not waver in the moment. I love you best of all, forever.

Take your hero self and put it on, fighter. Do not hesitate in the shadows. The moon calls to you, come out, shed your fear, write a new story, now. Step up and be your best Self. There I meet you.

My deepest thanks to Alexandria Von Bromssen for LOVESICK III

Sunday, February 14, 2010

i'm LOVESICK for you tonight....

i'm in a swoon, heart radiating lightning bolts, eyes like stars.........

Come get Lovesick at Mighty, 119 Utah Street at 15th, SF CA 94103
Doors at 7pm Fashion Shows at 9pm
miss velvet cream is on the runway at 10pm

No expectations....
No fears....
Love Goes To The Brave
[inspired by annette messager]
[inspired by keko ueda]


AND miss velvet cream featured in NOVO MAGAZINE : The Fashion Issue Page 22-23

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Jumbo Prawns Art Club* Tonight! Opening Reception at The Luggage Store Gallery, SF

0 0 FEBRUARY 4 - 27 2010

jumbo prawns art club*

Curated by Yarrow Slaps

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 4, 2010, 6-8pm

* custom clothing, raffle, drinks, food + live music hosted by dj izzy b (aka IONA ROZEAL BROWN)

The luggage store is pleased to present jumbo prawns art club*, a group exhibition featuring the work of SCATHA G. ALLISON, JASON DUNMAN, and JULIAN PRINCE DASH.

The jumbo prawns art club* is a collective of arbitrary artists, hungry people and designers who make everything independently in the outbacks of the bay area. Their studios will be lifted up and transported to the luggage store gallery for three weeks.

jumbo prawns art club * is part of the luggage store's Short Cuts Program to identify, support and emerge new and/or young curators.

Scatha G. Allison/Miss Velvet Cream: For tomorrows urban nomad. Miss Velvet Cream is neo-couture clothing that embodies silhouettes of the past with dreams of the future, all bridged by the conscious present. MVC design is guided by aesthetics of construction and innovation that are individualized, craft-intensive and committed to excellence in quality, wearability and above all, beauty.

Jason Dunman: "Art and Fashion are the same to me.. I dress myself up pretty and I just try to do the same to whatever I am working on. One could say clothes are the mediums, and the body is a blank canvas or that fresh block of clay. I just put on, or make what feels and looks good... to me."

Julian Prince Dash makes jeans from scratch because it is his destiny. he loves to eat fried chicken and sushi, does not like fashion, belongs in outer space and does it for the kids.

[in progress installation]