Friday, January 04, 2013


miss velvet cream is delighted to invite you....

In celebration of The Crucible's 14th Anniversary, we are excited to present “Hot Couture: A Fusion of Fashion and Fire” on January 11-12, 2013!  Melding high fashion with industrial art, “Hot Couture” features world-class fire demonstrations, aerial artistry, and a blazing showcase of wearable art from Bay Area designers.  Proceeds from the event will benefit The Crucible's educational programs.   
In anticipation of the event, we've been following the thirteen artist-designer teams to learn more about their ideas, processes, and progress.  Visit our blog and facebook page for behind-the-scenes interviews, photos, and more!

Grab your tickets today, and we'll see you on the runway!

The Crucible Presents:

"Hot Couture: A Fusion of Fashion and Fire"
January 11 and 12, 2013
7:00PM doors open

8:00PM show
The Crucible | 1260 7th St | Oakland, CA 94607

Featuring designers: Annamarta Dostourian, Anthony Asterisk, Autumn Adamme, Bonnie Heras, Chris Jefferies, David Dawson, Elwyn Crawford, Erin Mahoney, Greg Ames, Gustavo Fricke, Heather Wakefield, Jeaneen Brunck, Klyph Bohm, Kristin Neidlinger, Lara Grant, Latex Fashionistas, Leanne Alaman, Miloh Alexander, Miss Velvet Cream, Nan Eastep, Rachel Lyra Hospodar, Rachel McConnell, Saan Nti, Stefanie Ku, and Sylvia Wood. Bianca Starr Productions is bringing style from within through fashion coordination.  
Sponsored by Custom Alloy Scrap Sales (CASS).



For this capsule collection of four complete outfits, I am completely inspire by the essence of fire, of flame, in the spark and warm golden glow it casts in the darkness, in the flickering blackness of the shadow, in the deep umber of the spark, in the blue wisps of flame. The consuming nature of fire, its endless appetite and insatiable desire, all these aspects guided me to four women’s pieces, each a wearable art outfit, distinctly feminine in energy, but fluid, and structured, with a complete range of movement and freedom, while insulating and protecting the body almost like an armor. Visualizing the pieces surrounded by fire, led me to the deep sparkly and glisten of gold and copper. To ensure fire resistance, there are only natural and treated fabrics as part of the designs. 

[Bjork Mutual Core video still from MOCAtv and NASA Solar Observatory]