Thursday, March 12, 2015

miss velvet cream at Hot Couture 2015

Photo documentation Round 3.

miss velvet cream with Dao Pow Industries at Hot Couture 2015
The Crucible, Oakland
PHOTOGRAPHER: Will Bucquoy, WB Photography
Saturday night January 10, 2015
Thank you Bianca Starr, Kristy Alfieri, The-Crucible Oakland, and Stephanie Madrinan, Cassandra Miller and the entire Aveda Cinta Team.

These were shot on site with a red shipping container as a backdrop. GORGEOUSNESS!
Models in order of appearance:

Amanda Alicia

Gigi D'Amore

Jackie Ramos

Karina LaMar

Irina Mikhailova

Klaudia Kristina

And Nina O'Brien

Ashley N. W.

Thank you for this incredible collection of stunning images!

And from the runway.....

Thank you again, WB Photography, Will Bucquoy. 

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