Tuesday, November 17, 2009


October 25, 2009 in San Francisco at Brava Theater, Rising as Pandora.....
[Photo by Kyle Hailey]

[Photo by Ryan Montgomery]

The Pandora Coat by miss velvet cream, now in the collection of Bad Unkl Sista. The first performance by Anastasia Louise in the piece will be this Friday night at BRAF Artumnal Gathering with music by Fkir at 11pm on the main stage.

Pandora's Trunk presents Storytale Fashion Show : Rachel L. Hospodar
Clothing: miss velvet cream Model/Performance: Rising Little Sister: SerenDune Makeup: Jade Rivera

What is Pandora's Trunk?
Thank you for being part of the show, for lending your time, talent and energy to making this beautifulness happen. Support Independent Thought!

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