Thursday, June 04, 2009

T H A N K Y O U !


I'd like to tell you about this past weekend, May 30+ 31. I produced Swap-O-Rama-Rama at Maker Faire for the first time.

It was an amazing couple of days, and my greatest thanks goes out to all the artists and designers involved who came and volunteered their time and collectively made one of the best fashion shows we've ever had at Maker Faire!

The fashion show artists included:
a team of young designers from The Camp Couture, curated by Alexandria von Bromssen ,
miss velvet cream [with the darling models Sharona, Marianne, Layla, Maggie and Maria, Thank you!],
Tamo Design,
Seapony ,
Mock Made ,
Homey Grown, with Tiffany Chenoweth and Raquel Yasenchok,
Kittinhawk by Allysun Dutra,
Upcycling by Lucid Dawn,
and the collaborative presentation "A Follied Matrimonium" from the Oaktown crews;
Field Day Wearables,
Turnikat [ facebook: T.S. ILoveYou], &
La Sirena Sardine [ facebook: T.S. ILoveYou]!

All of the show designers also volunteered their time at Swap-O-Rama-Rama, literally "sewing for the people", working one-on-one and sharking their skills and talents for hours in the midst of hundreds of excited and loud individuals, ready to make their own personal vision for a piece of clothing, new from old, made into reality! The Swap-O-Rama-Rama crew were joined by these amazing artists;
Briget of Ghetto Goldilocks ,
Kayo &
Lara Grant

And the Swap wouldn't be complete without the live silk-screening team, Patchwerk Press , this year headed by Lukas Smithey. Thank you, each and everyone for your hours of dedicated and focused time dealing one-on-one with hundreds and hundreds of people every day.

Above all, my gratitude and thanks go to Opal Essence, who assisted me throughout the entire project. I would not have been able to do it without her ever-present hands, open heart and level head, keeping the cracks together.

I would also like to thank Kelli Peach for her production skills and the amazing volunteers she brought to the project as well; Michelle Sylvester, Ashlee Jennings and Rachel Grivas. Many thanks also to the AMMO team for their video documentation, and to photographers Stephanie Edmark, Del Geronimo and Angela Scrivani for their dedicated eye catching all the magical moments.

A special thank you for the volunteers who were the magical stitches: Karen Long, Maria Acosta, Alison, and all the Volunteers who came to work on the project from the Maker Faire hub.

Above all, I want to thank the fantastic crew I worked with from Maker Faire: Sherry, Louise, Tish!, Brigitte K, Bridgette V, Katie D, Kate R., Val, Dale, Sonia, Goli! [Thank you!], John the Electrician, Jonathan and Thank You Wendy Tremayne, who started the whole project!

Here's some pics!

AND A VIDEO of miss velvet cream remake presentation!

And the GREAT PHOTO! of the stockings above, from the Swap, is by Opal Essence....!

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