Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Been There Done That Featured on SFBG Blog! Check IT!

There was a GREAT review of the Been There, Done That Benefit Event on the SFBG BLOG!

Here's some shots of the evening, all from Sharon's camera! What a great model and paparazzi shots! Thank you all so much for being part of this, Estar did all the flowers, hats and visors for the show, and miss velvet cream presented super-mash-up-T-shirt dresses! FUN!

Esther working on Sharona's headdress and visor [made from a beach mat!]
The VIXENS! Julie, Sharon, Stephanie, Dominique, and Melody!
Sharona + Rising....! BEAUTIFUL!
CAT! Looking gorgeous and rocking the Pirate x Cowboy Denim hat by Estar + another t-shirt dress!

Stephanie in the mash-up!
And more information about sustainable clothing.....!

What a GREAT SHOW! Thank you especially Zoe + Audrey, our producers!!!!

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