Sunday, September 28, 2008

girl boy girl by savannah knoop [the face of the infamous jt leroy] OUT NOW

JT then.......
Savannah now...........
You can read about it all, scandals, allegations, celebrity sightings, battles in court and 10000 pictures of the real JT Leroy online. But then, you could just get Savannah's story.

I didn't she was JT for years, even though we were sharing a studio space at the Grant Building in SF. And while she'd be going off on this trip and that trip around the world with some older woman, I just assumed it was a secret lover, a kind of sugar-momma, and once even asked her if it was a "sexual thing". She just said, "Kind of but not really".
Meanwhile, I read the JT books, and counted myself as a fan, saved photos from articles, even to my desktop! And one night tried to get Savannah to go with me to the Harold's End book reading at Varnish Gallery .....

It was a year or so later that she told me the whole double-story.

I'd just known her as the amazing designer for TINC.
And I still LOVE her clothes, and her, she's a darling, and I didn't ever pester her for stories and how it all happened and the like, because I knew, someday, her story would be told. [OK, I did ask her more than once about the gender-bender-head-trip-chaos that whole character game could ensue.]

But here it is......... Girl Boy Girl. Required inflight reading for this trip.

More goods on the story:
And here's a pic of the real JT Leroy : Laura Albert [the writer] and Savanna Knoop [the person]

B+W Author Photo by the amazing Angela Scrivani

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