Thursday, August 21, 2008

what you see galore deux with jean therapy show at autobody fine art in alameda this saturday nite : 8:23:8 9pm sharp!

this is a show of first-times for me. first all-jean-therapy show, and i hand-picked the models from the local alameda modeling agency, there's a pro makeup and hair team on site for the chola-theme look, there's a musician writing a custom piece for my show segment, i won't hear it until the day of the show, i've not even met the producer in person yet! the show is at autobody fine art, a gallery in alameda, near where i used to live in fruitvale, near the vulcan. i'm doing the finale mini-show in the middle of a mad mad reception for a fantastical collection of visual and 3-D artists, all curated by the darling jacqueline cooper, who owns autobody fine art.
it's going to be an experience of extremes and experimentations. mostly because all the mvc usual suspects are either playa-bound [i'll be passing on that, thanks] or will be joined in memory of the incredible and now immortal russ hahn. [blessed be the passing]
i'm delighted to be part of this fantasticalness, and i'd like to invite you! to the show, especially you east bay freaks. regardless, i'm excited to present in jackie's gallery and as part of this most amazing show. it's an honor to be among such a great collection of new talent.

[photo from jean therapy series by warren difranco hsu]

Details for the evening..........!


What: The second annual "WhatYouSee Galore!" spectacle juxtaposes visual arts and sound for your sensory enjoyment.

When: Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. doors open.

Where: Autobody Fine Art Gallery : 1517 Park Street: Alameda, CA [that's the East Bay!]

Who: A collaboration of Bay Area artists, fashion designers, and musicians.

Featured artists include: Brett Amory, Davie Crockett, Robyn Engel, Adam Friedman, Daniel Healey, Helena Hseih, Raymie Iadevaia, Monika Jones, Mary Anne Kluth, Elise Mahan, Christine Monohan, Claudia Morales, Ernesto Ortiz, Eddie Ross, Task1, Noel Taylor, Bryan Von Reuter, Peter Walker, Annie Wong and Jaci Zacamy.
Fashion Designers: loose thread, Marichuy Reynoso, miss velvet cream featuring Jean Therapy
Beauty: Alameda Beauty College and Stephanie Gutierrez
Models: Norma Payton Henning School of Modeling
Music: Alorahset, The Mess, Ali Johnston, and Dj Davu

Alameda—On August 23, 2008 a collaboration of Bay Area artists and fashion designers reveal art as both a creative medium and a stimulating experience. Through installation, painting, video, printmaking, sculpture, fashion, live music performance, and more, the influences of Funk, Figurative, and Mission School artists are traced and celebrated by the opulent variety of work emerging on both sides of the Bay Bridge. "WhatYouSee Galore!" brings together Bay Area artists to display the wide range of creativity to the community of Alameda as an art form in and of itself.

* a little note : Jacqueline Cooper is my "graduate" painting instructor, the original schemer of art events, which i had the honor of producing with her : Rebellion, Resistance, and Death [Feb 2005] and Under Construction 1 [July 2005]. The conceptual design and guiding principles of the entire Under Construction Project sprang, fully-formed, with cross-referenced art history and pop culture roadsigns, from her head. Ultimate Mistress of Theory. And a damn good painter.
I'm really delighted to be showing in her gallery. Kudos, Jax!

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miss velvet cream said...

JUST IN! Oakland Tribune featured the What You See Galore Deux in the Weekend section, p.21 or read it here!