Tuesday, December 18, 2007

hazah! it's time to celebrate! the grant holiday trunk wednesday night.......

oh, i realized yesterday. literally. miss velvet cream is now a licenced business in SF. and i have a bank account that was confusing the teller as he thought my name was velvet cream....hmmmmm..... and it's been 1 YEAR!!!! since the opening of the showroom in suite 205 of the grant. it started with just myself and domini, but has grown to include the lovely bad unkl sista and now, on a monthly basis, a collection of the best of the best indie designers we can find to provide an exclusive boutique of fresh gear and fabulousness delivered with smiles and sparkles......
and at the same time i am delighted, to celebrate the ending of a tumultous year for myself. it's been amazing to be in a choke hold by the universe with her sweet smiling radiance and toffee-breath in my face murmuring "do you give in? are you ready to surrender?" and yes, my new year resolution was less fire, more grace. and grace is ultimately surrender, letting go, and leaning into it. [unfold in a generous way. it's not meant to be a strife, it's not meant to be a sturggle up here.] and now in the darkest of nights, we are moving forward again into the light. come toast to the darkness and the understanding that one cannot exist without the other. forever.
and i'd also like to say, i am so PROUD! to have my partners in magical making and general debauchery on the grant 2nd floor: svannah, domini, stazl and fkir and somedays too comma and jonathan join in the mayhem plus other roving guests and pleasure hogs..... it wouldn't be the grant without any of you, thank you!
[this is the flyer from LAST YEAR!!! showroom opening..... so pay attention becuase here are the details for THIS YEAR!]

The Grant Designer Holiday Trunk Show!
wearable art and accessories from the independent crew :
Bad Unkl Sista
Ellamental by Alyssa Ghessi
Jasmine Zorlu Millinery
Minerva's Antennae
miss velvet cream
Shalom Organics
Rising Gypsy Vendor with Mexican Chocolate, Cocoa Beans + a Chocolate Skull [for the friend who has "everything"]
Va-Shee Metal by Auberon

Did we mention? Holidaze look better here.
Wednesday, Dec 19th 5:30pm-10pm
2nd Floor, The Grant Building : 1095 Market St @ 7th : San Francisco, CA

Cash and checks only please. Bring your own shopping bags!

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